Educator Newsletter | Spring 2022


Welcome to the Spring edition of our Enhance Family Day Care Newsletter.

We are pleased to share with you a selection of wonderful highlights and examples of early learning journeys that the children have been exploring and enjoying with their family day care educators!

October Focus: Child Protection

The aim of Quality Area 2 under the National Quality Standard is to safeguard and promote children’s health and safety, minimise risks and protect children from potential harm.

All children have the right to experience quality education and care in a safe and healthy environment, be it physical, emotional or social.

View our Child Protection Policy for more information.

Educational Program and Practice

The aim of Quality Area 1 of the National Quality Framework is to ensure that the educational program and practice is stimulating and engaging and enhances children’s learning and development.

The benefits of a child led program is that it nurtures the development of life skills, whilst complementing a child’s experiences, opportunities and relationships at home and in the community.  

All approved early childhood education and care services must ensure that a program is delivered to all children being educated and cared for that is based on an approved learning framework (Section 168 National Law).

Safe Sleep, Rest and Relaxation

Children, teens and even adults don’t always know how to rest and relax. Learning to recognise our body rhythms and the need for rest, is an important life skill to be learnt, just as we would learn how to read a book.

Effective sleep, rest and relaxation strategies are important factors in ensuring a child feels secure and safe with short and long term wellbeing as a priority. 

Enhance Educator Recruitment Incentive
Refer an educator and get $200!

Refer an educator, who starts with Enhance FDC and receive $200 for you and $50 for the new educator!

Enhance FDC have the capacity to provide more family day care opportunities to Queensland families - just like you!
We are asking you to help spread the word. In return, you will receive $200 for every new educator that you refer.

We are inviting you and all Enhance families and educators to promote the wonderful work that Enhance FDC does. Refer friends, family and neighbours to become a family day care educator and join the Enhance family

Illness in Care

We remind all families to continue to maintain healthy hygiene habits to ensure all children, educators and families stay safe and well.

To minimise sickness, we recommend that any child who is ill or experiencing cold or flu symptoms stays at home and does not attend their family day care setting.

We know this can be a difficult decision and at times, inconvenient. However, allowing an ill child to rest at home will shorten the length or severity of the sickness and also protect your educator, their family, the other children in care and the families who share the same FDC service.

When deciding whether or not to send your child to family day care, please consider the following questions: 

If your response to any of the above questions is yes, please keep your child/ren at home. 

View the Enhance Family Day Care Illness in Care Policy for further guidance.

Remember good hygiene practices can protect us all! Play your part by:

Health and Hygiene Resources:

Your educators work tirelessly to maintain a high standard of health and hygiene every day, by implementing practices to minimise cross contamination and the spread of infectious illnesses. We thank you in advance for helping to keep everyone safe and healthy. The health and wellbeing of our educators, families, children and the entire Enhance team is of upmost importance to us.

Play Idea
Five Points of Contact

A circle of friends helps children to recognise the different people in their life and understand what their relationship is with these people.

Creating a circle of friends:

Draw a larger circle around your child’s circle. In this circle add the people who are closest to your child. You could write their names, draw pictures or stick on photos

Once you have added people to each of the circles, speak with your child about how they should behave with people in each circle.

You could ask questions like these:

Excellence in Family Day Care Awards
Family Day Care Australia

We are thrilled to congratulate our very own Enhance FDC educators who have been recognised as Excellence in Family Day Care, 2022 Regional Educator Award winners:

Congratulations to Alysha, Belinda and Rebecca for leading the way in exceptional home based education and care. It is great to see you publicly acknowledged and rewarded for the remarkable work you do within our communities.

Educator Spotlight
Anne Murray | Programming and Planning

Enhance FDC Gladstone
Anne creates a weekly plan using extensions from previous learning, new interests, child goals/strengths, special events, and any intentional teaching that she has planned.

Anne uses observations to plan for learning with the children’s interests and development stages/ages in mind. She plans an activity/experience and uses this to guide learning and intentional teaching.

The learning goes into a portfolio and Anne and the children decide together, what to include. The content is compiled and includes artwork, photos and learning stories; a process which Anne has done for 25 years. The children and families love to sit and look through their books.

The Learning Story:

  1. Anne lists the child’s name, date, and title, which is something catchy to grab the reader’s attention.
  2. Anne adds the observation which provides some background on what led to this experience.
  3. The experience is then linked to an Early Years Learning Framework Outcome.
  4. Child/ren’s voices, the learning that occurred during the experience and the photos are added to the learning story, making it easy to see the detail of what occurred.

Anne encourages input from her families and opportunities for future planning.

Community Connections

Party in the Park
Enhance FDC Practice Mentor, Kelly Downes, recently attended Mackay's Party in the Park.

The event aims to better connect families with children under the age of five with local, low cost to no cost, and age specific services within the Mackay region. There were plenty of child-friendly activities, interactive stalls and information from more than 30 exhibitors, with over 1000 people attending on the day.

It was a wonderful networking opportunity within the Mackay community!

Sustainability Corner

Enhance FDC Brisbane Community
Enhance FDC Educator, Daysi Allacantra, incorporates sustainable play into her learning program. She does this by setting up a table with mixed resources, including playdough and greenery.

Take inspiration from Daysi's program by creating your own sustainable play table!

Encourage open-ended play with your child/ren

Interesting Reading

Reading with your child
Reading with your child is fun and parents can play an important role in helping children become lifelong readers. The following factsheets contain useful tips to help parents, guardians and carers gain confidence in reading aloud: 

Kind regards

Cathy Cahill

General Manager, Children Services

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Educator Newsletter | June 2021

Welcome to the first edition of the Enhance Educator Newsletter!

Within this publication we endeavour to share exciting updates, Family Day Care news and upcoming events. I trust you will enjoy reading this new publication, keeping you up to date with Enhance Family Day Care news and happenings.

Enhance Service Levy | 2021- 2022

We are pleased to inform you that Enhance Family Day Care will not be increasing the Service Levy for the 2021 to 2022 period. The Service Levy will continue as $1.40 per child per hour.

Thank you for your patience while we worked through our budgeting process. This decision was made to ensure we are continuing to prioritise the needs of our valued Educators at this time, despite its adverse impact on Enhance FDC. We acknowledge that the last 12 months have been tough on our Educators and many of you are still recovering from the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We are doing everything within our control to minimise this burden. As a non-profit organisation we will continue to explore other revenue options or reduce expenditure to balance our budget.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and persistence during this difficult time. We truly appreciate each and every one of you and your dedication to providing outstanding care to your children and families. 

An Educator Alert will be sent out in the coming days with the updated Fee Schedule and implementation process.

Educator Portal Launch

I am pleased to announce that the online Enhance Educator Portal is almost complete and will be ready to launch in July. The Portal has been in the works for quite some time and we could not be more excited to share it with you. 

We are now making the finishing touches to the Portal and completing testing processes, to ensure it is ready for the July launch. 

The Enhance Educator Portal will be connected to the Enhance website and will allow you to access all Enhance policies, procedures, forms, communications, meeting recordings and training videos, in one convenient and easy to use place. Here's a sneak peek of what is to come:

Showcase | Virtual Educator Conference

Thank you to the Educators who joined us for our inaugural Virtual Educator Conference on Saturday 22 May.

It was fantastic to see 65 educators (and Enhance team members) throughout Queensland join us to be InspiredSparked and Ignited. Over four hours, our amazing presenters shared stories, new information and practical ideas and techniques to support your work as early childhood professionals.

As the conference was virtual, we were unable to catch up over a cuppa at morning tea. However, this didn’t stop everyone from sharing their inspirational ideas, suggestions and comments in the chat box throughout the conference. Everyone’s enthusiasm and passion shone through at every moment!

Here are a number of Educator testimonials from the Conference, outlining their favourite moments from the day:

Each Educator who attended our Virtual Educator Conference received a conference pack, including mindfulness resources, a journals, a bookmark, and some sweet treats! See some of the goodies included in the pack, pictured below:

For those who were unable to join us, we have cut the conference recording into bite size pieces for you to watch in your own time. In this newsletter, I am showcasing the first two sessions from Perry Campbell and Chelsie de Bomford. I have also included their Power Points for your viewing pleasure.

Session 1: Kasey Bassett
Enhance Family Day Care Practice Mentor | Ipswich
Igniting children's imagination and exploring abstract concepts through music.

Watch Session 1 here

Access Kasey's PowerPoint Presentation here

Session 2: Chelsie de Bomford
ECEC Consultant

Loose Parts Play – Developmental Benefits of using Loose Parts.

Watch Session 2 here

Access Chelsie's PowerPoint Presentation here

Please mark your calendars and save the date for our next Virtual Educator Conference on Saturday 18 of September, from 9am - 1pm.

Presenters will be announced at a later date. If you are interested in presenting, please contact me via email: [email protected].

Safe Sleep Training Module Completion

I want to say a huge thank you to each and everyone of you for completing the Safe Sleep training Module with such efficiency. 

We acknowledge some of the changes in the policy are different to what you have been used to, please remember we are here to work with you and answer any questions you have.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend!