The importance of child centered rituals and rhythms within early childhood education and care settings not only provides children with predictability, giving them a sense of security and control over their environment, but also empowers children to be decision makers within their daily lives. It is important that rituals and rhythms are flexible and responsive to the individual child within a group setting, allowing for unique and specific needs of each child being educated and cared for. Educators who collaborate with children and manage rituals and rhythms with care and thoughtfulness, ensure children are provided with an environment that is safe, secure and allows children to reach their full potential. Well-constructed routines provide opportunities for meaningful engagement, strong and secure relationships, and a sense of belonging within the service. It is through the provision and facilitation of effective daily rituals and rhythms, based on the needs and interests of the child, that a child gains an understanding of everyday life skills, what to expect, what is expected of them and in turn build self- confidence, social skills and language shills.  Please click on the link below for a new look Daily Ritual and Rhythm template, this will replace the "Daily Routine" template that you have on display.

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