Family checklist to start care

Educator Related to Child Acknowledgment Form

Family Enrolment Update Form

Medical condition management, risk minimisation and communication plan

Child Health Management Plan

Independent Child Arrival & Departure Form

Injury on Intake Form

Visitor Sign In Template

Parent/Guardian Third Party Consent

Media Consent Form

Parent Permission for Educator Assistant in Emergency

Family Ceasing Care

Families and Educators are to complete this form when a child finishes care either with the individual Educator or with the Service.

Family Leave Form

To be used for holidays or other period of extended leave from care.
Completed in conjunction with the Family's Educator and lodged with the service office.

School Age Notification Form


Please complete the information to confirm your child is commencing school. This information will be kept on file to support your Educator’s ratio of children in care. If the child is finishing care with our service, please complete the Ceasing Care Form.

As well as completing this form, it is the family’s responsibility to contact Centrelink to inform them that their child/ren will be starting school. Failure to do this could result in Child Care Subsidy being re-balanced with Centrelink/Services Australia and outstanding monies to be paid back when families lodge their next tax return.